TBF Solar trip with Solbakken to Maw Kwee School - February 2015 Loi Lum Solar Project - January 2015 Teacher training at Koung Jor Refugee Camp - October 2014
Eye Clinic at Koung Jor - August 2014 Bio gas and rubber ducks - June 2014 Top 7 Photos from The Koung Jor Shan Refugee Camp
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BEAM Certificate of completion ceremony. Group #2  - November 2013 Out-Reach Education at BEAM Group #2 - October 2013 Monsoon visit to the Koung Jor Shan Refugee Camp - July 2013
Kids and Breakdancing at the Refugee Camp - January 2013 Monitoring and Evaluation Trip at The Shan Camp - September 2012 Shan Camp Boarding House Repairs - May 2012
Solar Panel Installation Trip at The Shan Camp - March 2012 Yellow Bean Distribution at the Shan Camp - February 2012 Photography for Advocacy trip to Shan Camp - October 2011
Pathway to Potential representative visit to the Shan Camp Weaving Centre- March 2011 End of Monsoon Season Celebration Shan Camp- October 2010 Education and Income Generation in the Shan Camp- September 2010
TBF Film and Photo Documentation trip in the Shan Camp- July 2010 Income Generation and Sustainable Community Development Projects in the Shan Camp- March 2010 Project implementation of the Shan Camp Weaving Centre- September 2009
The EMFS Boarding House Project- August 2009 EMFS Kindergarten Playground Project- August 2009 The Shan Camp Partnership Development- August 2009
OPC The Bridge Project- May 2007 OPC Mae Hong Son Partnership Overview